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The Climate Tech Opportunity:
The case of Latin America and the Caribbean – March 2024

What is
this about?

This report aims to comprehend the main climate-tech trends on a continent grappling with the consequences of climate change and environmental degradation.

It serves as an initial examination
of the sector, identifying:

In Latin America and the Caribbean, there is a knowledge gap, hindering our understanding on how the Climate Tech sector is evolving; this study aims to close it.

What we focus on?


Lack of coordination between key players in the ecosystem


Mis – and underallocation of resources


Untapped opportunities for impact

It’s critical to address key questions toprovide insights for ecosystem stakeholders.

Which sectors are considered the most promising by investors and entrepreneurs?

Are LAC countries and communities accessing climate tech solutions?

How do we build more efficient climate tech ecosystems in LAC?

How can we reduce the barriers to scaling climate tech startups?

To produce the inputs needed for decision-making:


To build out their


To better understand
the capital movement


To design better
support instruments.

General Public

To gain insights into an
industry that could be
instrumental in building
the resilience of the LAC region.

Deep Dives

Land & Agroforestry

& Blue Economy

Clean Industry
& Circular Economy


Riffle Ventures, in partnership with Oxford University, has launched ‘The Climate Tech Opportunity Report,’ a groundbreaking initiative that provides an overview of key trends, challenges, and opportunities facing the climate tech field. Riffle Ventures aims to provide support to continue the traction generated by it’s research.

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